Our Parks

Respecting Nature

The Okanagan Valley is home to some of the worlds best scenery. Our semi-arid climage allows for some of the best hiking areas in North America, and parks can be found just about anywhere. It is important, however, to keep our parks fresh, clean, and preserved. In order to do this, we ask that visitors remain on clearly marked paths in populated areas, and make use of all trash bins. Please be aware of which parks prohibit dogs, and which parks have on-leash requirements for pets. If the park has a specified boardwalk, please do not deviate from the boardwalk, as this signifies that the ecosystem you are enjoying is very fragile, and possibly has already been damaged by human action.

On the Westside, one of our most popular parks and walking areas is the Glen Canyon Regional Park, which has a network of trail systems and bridges surrounding Powers Creek. This canyon is home to, and frequented by, predatorial wildlife, so please take precautionary measures. Bears have been sighted in this area.

Another popular park and walking area is the Kalamoir Regional Park in Lakeview, which allows for on-leash dog walking though no dogs are permitted on the beaches. This park follows a long, narrow strip of land, which rounds a point to expose one of the most eloquent vistas in the valley, the city-scape of Kelowna and our new WAC Bennett Bridge, which still holds the record for being the longest and highest floating bridge structure in the world.

Other popular areas to walk and hike include Shannon Lake Regional Park, which is home to over 400 species of bird, the ellusive Western Painted Back Tortoise, and even a pair of nesting Peregrin Falcons, which have only recently been rehabilitated into the valley. Shannon Lake is stocked weekly in a small bay area with trout, which is netted off from the natural small-mouth bass population in the rest of the lake. The netted bay is part of a free program to entice children to become more active, and learn to fish. Fishers are permitted to take two fish home a day, and can fish from shore. There is no power-boating permitted on Shannon Lake, but any non-motorized vessels are welcome. The park is set up with benches, picknick tables, and public-use outhouses for your convenience.

We encourage all visitors to our valley to get out and enjoy our beautiful hot summer climate, but also remind all of them to please be respectful of the landscape here, and put your trash where it belongs. Please help keep our beautiful parks clean for others to enjoy.

Happy Hiking.