Fishing In The Lake...

Rules and Regulations

Okanagan Lake is 90 miles long, runs north to south, and is fed by natural streams and rivers. Because the lake is so large, it is impossible to adequately stock. Home naturally to one of the Okanagan's most beautiful species of fish, Okanagan lake is one of the few places in the world you can find natural fresh-water kokanee salmon. Due to over-fishing several years ago, heavy restrictions are in place about fishing in the lake, in order to try and get the kokanee populations back up. Fishermen are allowed to take only two fish home, and if caught with more than that, fines could ensue.

Be sure to watch out for the local lake monster while out on the boat, Ogopogo might decide that he likes whatever is on the end of your line!


Happy Fishing, and stay safe.